How To Write A Great Online Dating Profile Description

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RULE 2 -

Bring Out Your Uniqueness

“A profile is NOT a resume.  It is an ad for YOU”

- The Creator -

Write a Unique Profile Description


If you were interviewing for a job, it’s unlikely you would speak the same way as if you were on a date.  Many guys make the mistake of writing their profile description as if they were applying for a job. Wouldn’t it be a bit odd if you were sitting across from someone and they were discussing their objectives, background and history as if they were reading from a scroll?  Be sure when writing your profile that you are mindful of tone, style, and formality.
Most people are so wrapped up in their own day to day experiences, that they forget just how unique they are.  I often tell guys to just start talking to me when they are confused about what direction to take.  Once they start talking out loud about themselves, their history, their goals, a direction starts to reveal itself.  They start to get it. The more they talk, the more they find clarity.  Some are even visibly shocked to suddenly find themselves talking their own profile out loud. “Hey, there is gold in them there hills.”  You just have to go searching for it sometimes.   It’s a rare person who doesn’t have some interesting experience, aspect of themselves, or life story to tell, unless, of course, they have been living under a rock.
Reveal Something About Yourself
Everyone sees the world a little differently than the next person.  This is what makes us all unique individuals. 
How do you view the world?  What makes you unique?   Include interesting details about yourself in your profile that sparks interest, but does not reveal too much. 
The most important thing is to be honest. Don’t say I’m athletically built and love cross country track when you were really on the cross country team in high school and the only track you’ve seen is when you’re stuffing hot dogs down your mouth at the horse races. Being dishonest only saves you time and heartache.  Sure, you may see that hot young babe who you would give anything to be with. However, if that hot young babe says she is looking for a 6’0 foot tall man with dark hair and you are blonde and 5’5, accept the fact that she’s just never going to be into you and move on.  Its just wasting time when instead you could be spending time with someone who is looking for your type.  

So many guys spend wasted hours chatting with women online or going on dates only to discover that the person they have been chatting with has not been completely honest.  

Following are some common complaints:

“When I met him he looked like my dad.  His profile picture must have been from high school.”
“He said he was a few pounds overweight on his profile.  I was surprised he fit through the door!”
“He said he was ‘well read’ in his profile, yet he didn’t even know who Hemingway was.”
“Slightly balding?  I couldn’t find a hair on his head!”
Be honest.  Dishonesty never turns into anything positive and definitely doesn’t turn into a second date.
Reveal your nature, but make sure that what you reveal is really true to life. The best way to check is to have a close friend who knows you well review your profile.  Just be prepared to hear the honest truth.
Sell yourself as a unique individual
I can’t stress the importance of showing your individuality enough.  Uniqueness is what sells.  You are your own product.  What makes you stand out from all the rest?  Why would I choose you and not the other hundreds of thousands of potential suitors?  Be sure to hone in on your uniqueness as a selling point.  Think about what people often say about you.  Do they always talk about your unique sense of humor?  Do they discuss your ability to balance an egg on your nose while reciting Romeo and Juliette in the King’s speech?  Whatever your quirky and unique thing is, now is the time to bring it to the display window and show it off. 
Setting the scene
Right, so you have your fantastic, engaging, compelling, and wonderful profile about yourself all written up and ready to go.  The next step is to discuss what it is you are looking for.  You need to set the scene so that the right person will enter the script. Here are a few considerations to get you started: 
Think about the kind of person you like to spend time with. 
What would you like to spend your time doing with your partner?
Do you want someone who enjoys watching sports or going to sporting events? 
Are children important to you? 
Do you need an adventurous, spontaneous person? 
Remember that the responses you receive will be dictated by the criteria you set out.  In other words, you get what you ask for. 
Avoid the Laundry List
Menus aren’t exactly what people pick up when they want to sit down with a good read.  It’s the same with your profile.  Don’t create a boring laundry list of items that interest you such as:
“I like skiing, tennis, baseball, basketball, traveling, my job, movies, good books, TV sitcoms, all types of music, spending time with my close friends and dining out at new restaurants, comedy clubs, going to the theater,  shopping, long walks on the beach, watching golf, talking about everything from angling to politics, sailing and spending time with my kids”
How could anyone possibly make the above more boring?  A list such as this has no flair and it certainly does not do anything to convey your personality or sense of uniqueness. Choose from 4 to 5 activities that you really like and hone in on them.  Don’t overwhelm the reader with so much that it sounds as if you barely have time to sleep at night.  Not only will it sound disingenuous, but it will sound a bit arrogant too.  The laundry list above will either make women too tired to go on, or roll their eyes and go on to the next person. 
We are all individuals with a diverse group of likes and dislikes, but this is not the venue to promote every single one.  Save a bit for some mystery and spice later!
The voice that you use in writing your profile should be as unique as you are. Your true character should come out.  Don’t try to copy someone else’s writing style as this is also a form of deception. Men tend to do the laundry list thing and it never really works.  Use descriptive words and make your profile come to life as though the person were sitting right in front of you.  Even though we are all very unique individuals, we also tend to be creatures of habit.  So many profiles sound the same and use the same old tired clichés.  Don’t be one of those people.  You’ve only got a few seconds to WOW the person, so use those seconds wisely.
If you’re saying to yourself ‘I’m not a writer’ or ‘I’m not good with words’, here is a tip.  Just write as though you were on a date with the lady sitting across from you at a restaurant.  Keep it natural and keep it real.  What would you be saying to the person?  What would you say if they said ‘tell me about yourself’?  Now start writing down those answers and you will discover that you are more of a writer than you think.    Your uniqueness will come out naturally as long as you are being honest with yourself.  You don’t need to be F. Scott Fitzgerald. 
Be Specific
It is very important that you are specific when writing your requirements.  Clarity is important so that there is no confusion and misunderstanding in the future.  For instance, what you might consider tall may be 5’10” or over.  What someone else might consider tall might be over 6’ feet.  Another common misconception is weight.  Some people mark ‘slightly overweight’ when, by health standards, they are really considered to be obese.  Again, the rule of thumb, is to check with a trusted close friend who will tell you the honest truth.  Sometimes you need a more objective point of view to obtain some real clarity.
While I encourage you to be specific, please also remember that brevity is important too. You don’t need to be specific down to the color of underwear you prefer to wear, but those overarching things, such as weight and height that might be deal breakers should always be made clear.  Do you really have brown hair?  Are you really 6’ feet or is that when you are wearing shoe risers?   Don’t fool yourself, because you definitely won’t fool others.  Failure to provide accurate descriptions is one of the most common reasons that things go awry and ultimately fail.
Mystery Sells
An open book is just that – an open book.  There is no intrigue or mystery.  Women are drawn to mystery because it represents a challenge, excitement, and thrill. So, just how do you incorporate a bit of mystery, while also being forthright and specific?
Here is where it’s useful to avoid lists.  Don’t list every single place that you have traveled in the world.  Perhaps say that you have ‘traveled extensively throughout the world’ - think of how many questions and conversations that this will spark on first date. Perhaps you have an interesting palate and love food.  You don’t want to list all of the foods and restaurants you have tried.  Maybe it’s a simple ‘I love food and have tried just about every exotic thing you can think of’.  This would definitely encourage some to respond to your posting.  It’s intriguing and exciting and definitely flavored with a little mystery. 
There are so many creative ways to incorporate mystery into your profile.  Have fun with it.  Play around and explore several ideas.  Check out this one:
“Looking for a good beef bourguignon recipe and a seven letter word that rhymes with Cheerios.”
Okay. You have to admit that it’s intriguing to say the very least.  Keep in mind that we are not setting out to deceive in any way.  We are just creating a little healthy mystery and intrigue, similar to any product on the market. 
Avoid Clichés like the Plague
Cheesy, ineffective, and sometimes downright annoying, clichés are one of the most irritating and overused elements in online profiles today.   Once you begin to peruse online dating profiles, you will be amazed at how many people continue to use these go-nowhere, lame attempts to find someone.Take some time and really look through a lot of different profiles.  You may even want to write down some of the lines that you see repeated over and over again to ensure that you don’t use them yourself.  This is particularly important for you to do if you are new to the online dating scene because you may be unfamiliar with some of the regular culprits. 
I can’t stress enough about the importance of being yourself.  It may be tempting to copy some of the lines from someone else’s profile, but this is not you.  It’s someone else.  And once you start leading women on to believe you are someone that you are not, you are traveling fast into a brick wall. 
So be sure to avoid clichés like:
“I'm equally comfortable at home curled up by the fire or partying the night away”
“My friends and family are very important to me”
“I'm new to this online dating thing”
“Well, what can I say”
“I love the hustle and bustle of the city but also love to escape to the countryside”
“I'd like to meet a woman who's honest, kind and caring”
Never ‘Diss’ Online Dating in Your Profile
Did you know that approximately one in three relationships begins online?  So, before you spend your first paragraph excusing yourself for having to humiliate and demean yourself by looking online, you might want to consider the hundreds of thousands of women who see nothing wrong with it.  If someone is reading your profile, it means they are also looking online, so, by default, you are also demeaning her. 
If someone is going to pass you up because you are looking for a date online, then they probably aren’t the right fit for you anyway. The more likely scenario is that this method will cause them to pass you by because: 
You sound arrogant and ‘above it all’.
You seem negative and cynical.
You are suggesting that online daters are desperate.
The old ‘I’m not used to this type of dating…” is tired and worn out. 
Simply put - let go of the negative feedback and concentrate on selling yourself!

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